What is Whole-Home Surge Protection and What are the Benefits?

When you think of surge protectors, a power strip might be the first thing to come to mind. But what about a whole-home surge protector? It’s definitely not a bigger version of a power strip, that’s for sure. Whole-home surge protectors are typically connected to your home’s electrical box and require professional installation. Our experts at Hadden Home Services have years of experience helping homeowners protect themselves against the sources of power surges.

Whole-home surge protection protects all of your appliances from voltage spikes. So, in the rare event of a lightning strike, your home’s electronics will be protected. Lightning isn’t the only thing that can damage your home’s appliances, in fact, 80% of power surges are internally generated. Even the smallest surge through your home’s wiring can cause some big issues for your home’s electronics.

Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

Now that you have a better idea of what whole-home surge protection is and where it’s typically installed, we’ve listed out a few reasons why you should have whole-home surge protection.

Appliance and Electronic Protection

If you want to protect every electrical device in your home, from your washer and dryer to your television and gaming devices, whole-house surge protection is the right option for you. In the event of a lightning strike or other power surge, every device that is left plugged into an electrical outlet will be protected.

It’s always a good idea to be proactive and take action before a power surge. The effects of a surge are typically not covered under home insurance plans, so installing a whole-home surge protector will not only protect you, it will protect your wallet as well.

Technology Protection

With the advancement of today’s technology, most modern homes have more electronic equipment and devices than older homes. LED light bulbs and circuit boards are two major electronics that need to be protected during a surge. In a common household today, there are multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones containing data that also needs to be protected.


If your home has an expensive gaming system or an entertainment room, you don’t want to jeopardize this equipment in case there is an unexpected power surge. If an appliance or device in your home sends a surge through a shared circuit, all of the other outlets are at risk. Layering your whole-house surge protector will connect to the electrical panel and at the point of use, not just to one circuit.

A Majority of Power Surges are Generated Internally

Although they are small, most power surges come from the appliances inside your home, typically from appliances cycling on and off. While they do not cause extreme damage like a lightning strike would, they can lower the performance of your appliances and electronics over time and even shorten their lifespan. Whole-home surge protectors will save your appliances during these small surges, protecting their lifespan and ability to operate efficiently.

Plenty of Options

Every home has different voltage levels, meaning whole-home surge protectors will vary depending on the needs of that particular house. Standard homes typically don’t receive a surge more than 10kA, but there are various options to protect against surges that are bigger.

Pro tip: If you live in an area with severe lightning storms each year, it would be smart to install a surge protector with a surge of 80kA.

Bloomfield Whole-Home Surge Protection

Don’t risk damaging all of your home’s circuit systems! Hadden Home Services will help protect your property from the next power surge. Schedule an appointment with us today to protect your electrical devices so you have some peace of mind during the next power surge.