Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with Their Electrical System

Your home relies on its electrical system to function properly. If you didn’t have electricity, you would have no light, no way of using your appliances or electronic devices, and wouldn’t be able to use your HVAC system. However, your electrical system still comes with safety hazards that you should be aware of as a homeowner. Although electricity might be something you look past because it’s always there, there are some common mistakes homeowners make with their electrical system.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing a few mistakes to avoid when it comes to your electrical system to ensure optimal safety. So, if you’re making any of the following mistakes, now is the time to change them!

Overloading Outlets

One of the most common mistakes people make with their electrical system is overloading outlets. If you’re plugging multiple devices into the same outlet and find yourself using extension cords, this is a huge safety hazard and could potentially cause an electrical fire. Instead of overloading outlets and using extension cords as a backup option, opt for surge protectors instead. If the issue at hand is minimal outlets in your home, Hadden Home Services can help by installing new outlets for you.

Using Incorrect Lightbulbs

A lightbulb is a lightbulb, right? No! You always have to make sure you are purchasing a lightbulb with the correct wattage because if it’s wrong, you are posing a threat to your electrical system. If your lightbulbs are burning out faster than usual and you find yourself continuously replacing them, this is a sign you might be using the incorrect bulbs. You can also try opting for LED lightbubs the next time you are at your local home improvement store to save money on your electrical bill and save energy.

Trying Repairs Yourself

It’s great to have a handy man around the house, but DIY electrical repairs should be avoided. There are a number of things that can go wrong with electrical repairs when you are not a trained professional, so for any repairs you need, give our team a call at (860) 566-9887 to see how we can help. Our licensed electricians have the experience and equipment needed to perform electrical repairs safely and correctly.

Exposed Wires

If you have wires, extension cords, or other cables running through your home, you probably have to pay close attention when you’re walking to make sure you don’t trip. If you’re continuously stepping over wires on the floor or have extension cords running under your rug, it’s time to secure the wires to the wall and have some extra outlets installed to avoid the use of extension cords. This is especially important if you or someone you live with is elderly or requires equipment like a walker or wheelchair to get around. Wires running on the floor can cause difficulty in getting around the house for this person and result in an injury.

Not Using Outlet Covers

If you have little ones running around the house who like to touch everything they see, using outlet covers is one of the best ways to prevent electrical shock. This also applies to a household that has pets. You never know what those paws can get into! Even if you don’t have children or pets, the covers will protect your outlets from indoor contaminants like dust and other debris that can cause static electricity.

Hadden Home Services understands the importance of your home’s electrical system, which is why we want to make sure you are using it safely at all times. Always remember to never try electrical repairs yourself and give our team a call at (806)529-1881 instead. You can also fill out our online contact form to schedule your service.