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Ceiling Fan Installation in Bloomfield

Ceiling Fan Installation in Bloomfield

Keep Your Home Comfortable Year-Round at a Good Price

Ceiling fans provide a cost-effective way to stay comfortable year-round. If you are in the market for a new ceiling fan, getting it installed is probably not as easy as you might think. That is why many homeowners in Bloomfield, Windsor, and the surrounding areas rely on the electrical team at Hadden Home Services for high-quality ceiling fan installation.

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Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

While air conditioners are designed to actually make the air in a space cooler, ceiling fans are meant to cool the occupants of a room. It does so by creating a breeze that removes the stagnant layer of air surrounding a person’s body that is preventing heat loss. The result is increased heat loss, which makes the individual feel cooler. This generally means you do not have to set your air conditioning to high, reducing the overall costs of your energy bills. Some additional benefits include:

  • Compliment your home’s style
  • Layered lighting options
  • Year-round value

Did you know that ceiling fans are also beneficial during colder months? Reversing the rotation of the blades pulls air up instead of pushing it down. Since heat rises, the fan works to recirculate the warm air that your furnace is producing. This will make your heating system work more efficiently, which leads to less expensive utility costs.

Ceiling Fan Repair

If your existing ceiling fan has suddenly stopped working or has some other type of issue, our electricians can rectify the situation quickly and effectively.

We have extensive experience repairing all types of ceiling fan problems, including:

  • Fans that operate noisily
  • Fans with flickering lights
  • Fans that are wobbly or shaky
  • Fans that won’t turn on
  • Fans that remain on one speed
  • Fans that won’t turn

Call Hadden Home Services at (806)529-1881 today to speak with our Bloomfield ceiling fan experts. Emergency repairs are available after hours!

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