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Bloomfield Electrical Safety Inspections

Bloomfield Electrical Safety Inspections

Hard at Work to Keep You Safe in Windsor & Beyond

It is always good to know the condition of your home’s electrical system. The last thing you need is an electrical fire or another problem that damages your home and belongings.

Whether you are purchasing a new home, are experiencing electrical problems in your current house, or have not had an inspection for a while, Hadden Home Services is here to evaluate your electrical system. Our experts will thoroughly investigate your home’s electrical system and make sure it is up to code. If we find any problems, we can work with you to find the fastest and most effective solution.

Call (806)529-1881 now to make an appointment or learn more about our electrical safety inspection in Bloomfield and Windsor.

How We Conduct Our Inspections

At Hadden Home Services, one of the many services we offer is a comprehensive inspection of home electrical systems.

During a periodic inspection and testing appointment, our team will:

  • Identify defective electrical work
  • Locate any potential for electric shocks or fires
  • Search for any lack of earthing or bonding
  • Test to see if there are any overloaded circuits or equipment
  • Inspect light fittings, sockets, plugs, switches, and outlets for damage
  • Perform tests on wiring and fixed electrical equipment to ensure safety

We also offer thermal imaging services in Bloomfield to help us find all the potential problems within your home’s electrical system. This high-powered equipment enables us to locate several issues that standard tests cannot by way of infrared waves. Contact us today to learn more about thermology and its benefits.

When Should I Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

The most obvious time to get a safety inspection is if you suspect any electrical issues in your home. Yet, even if you are not experiencing any problems, you should plan to have a Bloomfield electrician check your electrical system every three to five years. You will also want to arrange an appointment with our electrical experts at Hadden Home Services anytime you are planning on leasing, selling, or buying a home.

Contact us today at (806)529-1881 for professional, friendly, and reliable service.

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