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Bloomfield EV Charger Installation

Bloomfield EV Charger Installation

Adding Convenience to Your Life in Windsor & the Surrounding Areas

Electric vehicles are one of the most popular means of cost-effective transportation. Along with unmatched fuel savings, these vehicles offer a private, quiet, and comfortable way to get around town for work or leisure.

When you own an electric vehicle, the biggest challenge you will need to overcome is how to charge it. At Hadden Home Services, we help homeowners install high-quality EV charging stations in their homes. If you already have an EV charger, we can assist you with any service and repairs that you require.

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Types of Home EV Chargers

Due to advancements in technology and the increased interest in electric vehicles, there are affordable options for getting an EV charger installed at your home. The first step to installing a new EV charging system is to determine which charging method is best for you.

There are three main types of electric vehicle chargers including:

  • Level 1 charging – This option involves plugging your vehicle into an ordinary house outlet. Although you save costs by not buying additional equipment, it may not charge your car fast enough. The average charging time is 4.5 miles per hour of charge.
  • Level 2 charging – The amount of charge time with this option raises substantially to about 70 miles for every hour of charge. This charging method requires the installation of a charging station and is a less expensive option than a DC fast EV charger.
  • DC fast charging –The most expensive and fastest charging option available. They can provide approximately 40 miles for every 10 minutes of charging.

When you get in touch with our qualified electricians, we can help you decide which type, brand, and model of EV charger is right for your situation. We can then install your new charging station, setting it up for maximum performance and efficiency.

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