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Home Automation in Bloomfield

Home Automation in Bloomfield

Smart Home Solutions for Hartford County Residents

Decades ago, we used to watch futuristic sci-fi movies with a house that had automated features. Back then we thought, “Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if life could be that easy for me?” Amazingly, now it can be—and it won’t cost you a fortune!

At Hadden Home Services, we are all about making your life easier and more comfortable. That is why we provide comprehensive home automation system installation in Bloomfield, Windsor, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled electricians can help you wire practically all your electrical and mechanical devices to a remote-controlled network.

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How Do Home Automation Systems Work?

Consider for a moment how many components in your home run on electricity. Each of those mechanical systems has an individual way of turning them on and adjusting the settings. So many switches and settings can get to be quite overwhelming.

Our Bloomfield electricians can integrate all your technology into a single, smart home automation system. That means you can control all your electrical devices from one convenient location, such as a wall-mounted terminal, desktop computer, or even from your mobile phone when you are thousands of miles away.

We can help you set up a home automation system that includes the following:

  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Appliances
  • Entertainment systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Baby care systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Air quality control
  • Auto door and window locks
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Smart shades

Why Invest in Electrical Smart House Technology?

Besides the convenience, one of the most enticing things about home automation control systems is energy efficiency. For example, a smart thermostat can be programmed to only run during certain times when you will be at home. Instead of having to constantly remember to turn your HVAC system off during work hours and back on in the evenings, or simply letting it run all the time regardless of whether you’re home, your thermostat can take care of that for you. The result is less wasted energy and more bang for your buck.

Another great advantage is that smart home technology makes your home more secure. For example, if you’re going away on vacation, you can program your lights to turn on and off at certain times to make it appear as if someone is home, deterring potential intruders. Other pieces of smart technology that are essential for home security include things like doorbell cameras and motion sensor lights. All of these systems can be remotely monitored in one convenient place.

Get Your Home Automated Today!

If you are looking for a home automation system that you can rely on, call Hadden Home Services for high-quality electrical services and exceptional customer service. We will help you find the system you need and get it installed and set up correctly. You will be on your way to hassle-free living in no time!

Reach out to us today at (806)529-1881 and start enjoying home automation.

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